Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Best SEO methods in 2019 for Wordpress Site

Here are some best SEO methods which
help to build your ranking in the major search engine result. Do
you know that everyday people use Google to conduct over 3.5
billion searches? 

According to a survey report in the United
States, around 80% of people use web searches before buying
any product or services. Once your website starts rank on
Google page then you will get more visibility. 

Also, a website
gets 60% of overall traffic in the first three searches in the
result of web searches. Now you can understand how
important Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and digital
marketing techniques to take your business at the top level. So
now take a look on 3 most useful Sat methods.

1. Create a website on AMP
2. Increase page speed
3. Run creative marketing campaigns
Create a website on AMP

Do you know about AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)? It is an
open source project designed to make the mobile pages
quickly. So it’s better to create a website on AMP because since
2015 it is most successful method for marketing. If your web
page takes too long time to load you lose a reader and
opportunity to earn revenue through advertising.

Run creative marketing campaigns

It says that quality written content is the final deciding factor
when it come to marketing. Well, all writers know that if they
want fruitful result then they need to choose the right content
for their website. 

Increase page speed

As per ranking criteria, Google has recently announced that the
page speed will also be included in the ranking factor of all
mobile searches. Because users expect minimum 2-3 seconds
to load a web page. It can not more than three seconds longer.
In this case rapid and server response time should highly
appreciated. One more thing you have to do is that reduce the
number of plug-ins in your website.
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